HPC on Government Performance

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Pursuant to the announcement made in the President’s address to both Houses of the Parliament on June 04, 2009, the Prime Minister approved the outlines of the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES) for Government Departments on September 09, 2009. As part of this system, the Prime Minister approved the development of Results-Framework Documents (RFDs) by all Ministries and Departments. RFD of the department will contain inter-alia the major objectives of the department, actions required to achieve them, and success indicators for monitoring the achievement of the department's objectives/actions.

To review the design of Results-Framework Documents as well as the achievements of each  Ministry / Department against performance targets laid down therein, the Prime Minister has approved the constitution of a High Power Committee on Government Performance, consisting of the following:
1.  Cabinet Secretary : Chairman
2.   Secretary (Finance) : Member
3.   Secretary (Expenditure) : Member
4.   Secretary (Planning Commission) : Member
5.   Secretary (Performance Management)   : Member 
6.   Secretary of the department concerned : (by invitation)
The meetings of this Committee will be held under the chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary.  The High Power Committee on Government Performance will be serviced by the Performance Management Division of the Cabinet Secretariat.
The terms of reference of the High Power Committee are as under:-
  1. To vet the drafts of the Results Framework Documents prepared by ministries/ departments.
  2. To review after six months the achievements of each ministry/department and if required, reset the goals taking into account the priorities at that point of time.
  3. Submit its half-yearly report to the Prime Minister through the concerned Minister.
  4. Scrutinize the year-end evaluation results of ministries/departments and submit the same before the Cabinet for information by 1st June each year.
  5. Any other matter decided to be referred to the Committee.
So far six meetings of High Power Committee on Government Performance under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary have been held.