Department of Agriculture and Cooperation

Mr. Shobhana K Pattanayak


Past Secretaries

  • Mr. Siraj Hussain
  • Mr. Ashish Bahuguna
  • Mr. Pradeep Kumar Basu

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To enhance productivity and production of agricultural commodities to ensure the food nutritional and livelihood security of the nation and also to make agriculture a sustainable and viable vocation for livelihood support by 2020.


To achieve 4 percent growth rate for agriculture sector during the 12th Plan, with the help of various State Governments and other Departments concerned in the Government of India by enhancing agriculture production & productivity and improving income level of all farmers by successful implementation of various new initiatives and agriculture missions/schemes such as National Food Security Mission, National Horticulture Mission, National Mission on Oil Seeds and Oil Palm, National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture, and National Mission on Agricultural Extension & Technology, Integrated Scheme for Farmers Income Security, Integrated Scheme on Agriculture Marketing, etc. to thus ensure food, nutritional and livelihood security.


Agriculture is the principal source of livelihood for more than 58% of the population of this country. Agriculture provides the bulk of wage goods required by non-agriculture sectors and most of the raw materials for the industries sector. The combined efforts of Central Government, State Governments and the farming community have succeeded in achieving record production of 244.78 million tonnes of foodgrains during 2010-11. This record production has been achieved through effective transfer of latest crop production technologies to farmers under various crop development schemes being implemented by the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation backed by remunerative prices for various crops through enhanced minimum support prices.

During the 12th Five Year Plan, Ministry Of Agriculture will focus on sustaining the current momentum by stabilizing food grain production to ensure food security. For sustaining higher levels of production, it is necessary to target new areas of foodgrain production, while promoting conservation agriculture in the high production areas, to maintain current levels of productivity. New technologies are needed to break yield barriers, utilize inputs more effi ciently and diversify to more sustainable and higher value cropping patterns.

Investment in Agriculture : As a result of the initiatives taken by the Government, the share of total investment in Gross Capital Formation in agriculture and allied sectors has been going up in recent years. Gross capital formation (GCF) i.e. investment in Agriculture and Allied Sectors relative to GDP in this sector has been showing a steadily increasing trend from 13.5 per cent in 2004-05 to 20.1 per cent in 2010 -11.