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Welcome to the website of Performance Management Division (PMD), Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India. Our goal is to create a knowledge and information portal that provides access to everything that concerns Performance Management in Government. We hope to make it a one-stop-portal in this field for government officials, researchers, commentators, and management professionals from both public and private sectors. Above all, we want this to be a useful portal for all citizens of India. Enjoy your visit to our site and please do let us know how we can improve it further.


Quest for Transparency
Prime Minister Narendra Modi firmly believes that transparency and accountability are the two cornerstones of any pro-people government. Transparency and accountability not only connect the people closer to the government but also make them equal and integral part of the decision making process. more..
On April 9, 2014, Cabinet Secretary initiated the first interaction in a planned series of such interactions of senior civil servants with thought leaders and experts in various aspects of management. Given that good principles of management are transcendental, it is expected that such interactions will provide valuable insights for challenges facing us in governance and public management. more..

Shri Ajit Seth, Cabinet Secretary to Government of India, inaugurates the Global Roundtable on Government Performance Management, December 11-12, 2013

Summary of Proceedings


International Workshop on Government Performance Management - Performance Management in Government: Political Dimensions by Mr. Omar Abdullah, July 10, 2013


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